Collection & Recycling

HKBR collects and treat one type of batteries: waste lead acid batteries (“WLAB”).  WLAB is considered one of the most recyclable resources with over 80% recyclability.

WLAB is comprised of three main components: lead, acid and plastic, which are separable and recyclable.

HKBR treats all WLAB collected here in Hong Kong Ecopark, ensuring full traceability  of your WLAB, which are 100% locally processed and recycle.

For additional certainty, upon request, an independent third party environmental consultant can provide certification of recycling for a fee.

Please contact us for collection of WLAB by our licensed collection vehicles.

Presently, HKBR does not have the capabiity to treat non-LAB batteries, such as lithium, alkaline, zinc and/or other common batteries.  Different types of batteries must be treated separately due to differences in their composition.  Please visit Environmental Protection Department’s website for further information: