Collection Boxes

As part of Hong Kong Battery Recycling Centre’s (“HKBR”) effort to drive Hong Kong’s recycling industry towards global standards, HKBR is introducing United Nations (“UN”) approved, leak-proof, stackable storage container boxes to facilitate safe storage, collection, and transport of waste lead acid battery (“WLAB”).

These boxes are made of structural foamed High Density Polyethylene (“HDPE”) with UV stabilizer.  They have been widely used in Europe and other developed countries specifically for the handling and storage of WLAB and have been tested for leakage.


Such container boxes have the following specification:

–     Outside: 1200L x 1000W x 740H mm

–     Inside: 1128L x 928W x 585H mm

–     Tare weight: 38.5 Kg

–     Volume: 605 litres

–     Maximum / stack load per container: 1200 / 5000 Kg

–     Pallet based leak-proof, acid resistant container which is 
heavy duty but light weight

–     The containers can be easily moved by fork lift and hand 
pallet trucks

–     They can withstand harsh climatic conditions, absorb robust handling, UV resistant and impervious to the hazardous contents of lead acid batteries from -40°C to +60°C

–     Suitable for empty distribution to waste producers

–     The container itself is fully recyclable

Traditionally WLAB transport in Hong Kong has been packaged in wooden pallets with cellophane wrap, which is not only environmentally unfriendly but also unsafe and costly as manual labor is required to bundle the WLAB together.


HKBR boxes are superior to traditional wooden pallets in all aspects for the Waste Producers (“WP”).

HKBR Boxes Wooden Pallets
Description HDPE boxes with cover Wooden pallet with cellophane wrap
Legal Compliance Approved by HK EPD No specific approval
Leakage Leak-proof Not leak-proof
Acid Resistance Yes No
Reusable Yes No
Environmental Impact Low High
Manual Labor to Package Not required Required
Cost to Waste Producers None Labor & material cost
Safety High Low
Storage Space Requirement Less because stackable More as not secure when stacked up
Storage Life Long Short / temporary


HKBR hopes that these collection boxes will enhance the convenience and safety of the WLAB recycling industry.