流浮山毒蠔攻陷全港, Apr 10, 2021

Battery recycling efforts: RTHK PodcastOne, Apr 6, 2020

HK Broadband supports local WLAB recycling, Nov 2019

申請八年投資近億回收電池 龐傑行動支持郭秀雲: 明周 Oct 11, 2019

HKBR Soft Opening Coverage: 大公報, Sept 26, 2019

HKBR Soft Opening Coverage: 東方日報, Sept 26, 2019

HKBR Soft Opening Coverage: 經濟日報, Sept 26, 2019

HKBR Soft Opening Coverage: 香港商報, Sept 26, 2019


黃錦星 Wong Kam Sing facebook, Sept 25, 2019

【環保園 新二員】今日,屯門環保園 (EcoPark)…

黃錦星 Wong Kam Sing 發佈於 2019年9月25日星期三

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) Congratulates HKBR and Sends Batteries to HKBR for Safe Recycling, Sept 25, 2019

HKBR Official Press Release: Soft Opening, Sept 25, 2019

190925_HKBR Soft opening_press release_eng

Two more open recycling sites convicted of illegal storage of chemical waste Jul 30,2019

Hong Kong Customs and EPD join forces to combat illegal hazardous waste import and export activities Jun 18,2019

New guidelines regulate battery recycling sector : ChinaDailyHK May 20,2019

Two registered vehicle owners prosecuted and convicted for illegal disposal Dec 4,2018

HKEx Publishes Review of Corporate Governance Practices and Updates Guidance on ESG Reporting Dec,2018

每年数百万吨废旧铅蓄电池去哪儿了? Nov 15,2018

Unlicensed collector convicted second time for illegal collection of waste vehicle batteries May 17,2018

Unlicensed collector convicted of illegal collection of waste vehicle batteries Mar 6,2018

EPD detects illegal collection, storage and handling of chemical waste by recycling sites in Sheung Shui and Yuen Long Feb 6,2018

非法出口廢鉛酸電池 元朗回收場判罰款 Mar 21,2017

加强再生资源综合利用,促进清洁发展绿色发展 Mar 8,2017

Powering the Data Centers of Tomorrow Feb 16,2017

Garage in Wan Chai and illegal waste car batteries collector fined Jan 23,2017

車用廢電池每年僅回收5萬粒 黃錦星指將嚴打違規買賣 Dec 14,2016

EPD and C&ED jointly tackle illegal collection and export of chemical waste July 19,2016

Used lead-acid batteries a bigger problem in Hong Kong than reported june 23,2016

LCQ13: Disposal of waste car batteries May 25,2016

中國電動汽車要實現市場化 要以鉛酸電池為主 May 3,2016

This Earth Day, Do Your Part and Recycle Your Old Vehicle Batteries Apr 22,2016

EPD steps up enforcement against illegal collection and trading of waste lead-acid batteries Mar 3,2016

Hong Kong stock exchange begins tighter environmental and social disclosure standard from 2016 Dec 28,2015

巴塞爾禁令生效 禁危險廢物輸港 Apr 7,2006