Hong Kong Battery Recycling Centre Limited (“HKBR”) is mandated to provide final disposal and fully integrated recycling solution for waste lead acid battery (“WLAB”) generated in Hong Kong.

WLAB is a toxic chemical waste.  If not disposed of  properly, WLAB can cause long term devastating consequences for rural soil and water systems, particularly in a densely populated city such as Hong Kong.

The collection, handling and recycling process of WLAB is complicated by its toxicity.  Any form of disposal by way of export or landfill is strictly prohibited and regulated by international and local safety ordinances.

With its state-of-the-art technology, HKBR is the first facility in Hong Kong that is licensed to recycle WLAB locally, providing the cleanest, safest, and most optimal solution for this hazardous waste, reusing over 90% of WLAB.

HKBR is situated in Hong Kong Ecopark, Tuen Mun, and all recycling is done locally in compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.