Your Comprehensive Solution

HKBR provides the most comprehensive solution by treating all waste lead acid batteries (“WLAB”) collected in Hong Kong Ecopark, ensuring full traceability of your WLAB, which are 100% locally processed and recycled.

  • Enhanced environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) reputation through recycling and supporting local business
  • Legal Certainty: Hong Kong Waste Disposal Ordinance compliance, tracking of WLAB and issuance of trip tickets
  • Safe transportation, disposal and recycling of WLAB
  • Minimize wastage & maximize recyclability of WLAB (>80%)
  • Facilitate disclosure in accordance to ESG Guidelines for listed companies
  • Comply with the Basel Convention in relation to toxic waste disposal
  • Protect Hong Kong, save landfill space and eliminate the risk of heavy metal pollution, one of the most long-lasting, damaging, irreversible and costly forms of pollution
  • Discourage illegal disposal of WLAB